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More Challah Less hate

Everyone loves challah. It's been a secret ingredient to our festival Shabbat hospitality for 24 years.

We need your help to sponsor more Shabbat meals and more challah. We cannot let hatred win!

Shabbat Tent brings Jewish hospitality to music festivals, creating an oasis of chill and a safe place for Jews of all backgrounds and our allies.

We have big and small tents - all led by volunteers from California to Delaware. 

Shabbat Tent fulfills a critical need, creating a Jewish space that is friendly and nourishing.

With increased anti-semitism — even at music festivals from performers — creating and maintaining a Jewish place at festivals, and a place where people can celebrate Shabbat together - is more important than ever!

Some of our plans for 2024 include Sundance (done!) • Lighting in a Bottle (Done!) • High Sierra Music Festival • 4848 Festival • Phish Festival • And hopefully more!

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