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Host Your Own Shabbat Gathering

Are you heading to a music festival this summer? Shabbat Tent has tools and funds to help you organize a great Shabbat gathering for you and your friends and other festies.

We will provide you with funding for food, how-to manual , banners and flyers, and other support to help you succeed.

Starting the festival with a Shabbat gathering is a great way to strengthen your festival experience.

Fill out a quick interest form, and we will be in touch! Click here to access it.

You can also connect with others in our Shabbat Tent community forum by clicking here.


  • Does Shabbat Tent pay for tickets?

Volunteers with Shabbat Tent at our tent pole festivals like High Sierra receive partial or full tickets.

For DIY Shabbat gatherings, Shabbat tent does not sponsor tickets or camping passes.

  • How much funding can we get?

We reimburse food and supply costs based on how many people you plan to host and your capacity.

  • Do I have to be religious to participate?

Nope! Any Jewish festival goer can host a Shabbat gathering, and all we require is that you try to buy food that is kosher and vegetarian.

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