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The Secret Power of Challah

Shabbat Tent brings the secret power of Challah to festivals around the country.

Volunteers serving Shabbat meal at High Sierra music festival, Quincy, CA, 2019.

(Los Angeles, CA - June 26, 2024)

What does Shabbat Tent mean by a secret power? Doesn't everyone in the world know how GOOD challah tastes?

According to Rachel Bookstein, Shabbat Tent Co-Director, it's more than the taste. "It's the amazing ability of challah to activate the spiritual capacity" in all of us.

"When we are eating challah on Shabbat, there is a spiritual dimension that connects us more deeply with our past, present, and future," said Rabbi Yonah Bookstein, Shabbat Tent director. "Every year and every festival, someone tells us, 'This challah is amazing!' What I believe they are experiencing is beyond taste and texture."

The truth is that it doesn't matter which kosher challah Shabbat Tent is shlepping to a festival. In Utah, they pre-order 50 challahs from Trader Joe's. For California festivals, they bring frozen Bibi's challah 400 miles. They shlep challah all over.

Breaking Challah at High Sierra Music Festival, Plumas County Fairgrounds, Quincy, CA. 2019.

Have Challah Will Travel

They have even flown with challah rolls in their suitcases to ensure they have them at remote festivals, a trick Rabbi Yonah learned from his friend Rabbi Mendle Schwartz.

"Challah makes a difference. It activates the soul!" said Rabbi Yonah, "Am Yisrael Challah!"

Support Challah

Shabbat Tent seeks partners to ensure they have challah and a fantastic Shabbat dinner at the upcoming High Sierra music festival.  

Please consider chipping in $36 or whatever you can afford so they can keep Shabbat Tent thriving this summer.

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